6250 Mod Street 4x4

This class was introduced 2014. This class competitors can run up to a 503 cubic inch engine with 1% allowance.  It can't have any fiberglass body parts with the exception of the hood and tailgate.  It also must have factory windows.  There aren't any license plates on these fine machines.  They are hauled in, shined up, and ready to dig in the dirt.

Pulling is about family, friends, and fun.  There was no better example of this in 2017 than Daniel & Phillip Simmons and their "Foolish Pleasure" 4x4.  The boys had nearly half a dozen first place finishes, several seconds to seal the deal on the season.  The famed Simmons legacy continues within Dragon Motorsports.

The boys made their debut with a new 6200 National Sportsman 4x4 at the Keystone Nationals in 2018.  We will have to see what the future holds for this Mod Street truck as they enter their new en devour.