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  • Updated to reflect Young Gun.
    in Lively Results Comment by Will May 2016
  • Questions. Which Peyton truck?  Will give points to both until I hear back.  Most accurate way without not posting. Which Ray Norris non-Well Armed tractor? Ray's new one looks like Pro Stock or Way Guys?  If new one does it have a name?  UPDATE, …
    in Lively Results Comment by Will May 2016
  • Nationals: Shifflet Pro Street: Young Pro Diesel: Smoot Mod Street: Brown Econo Mod: Spencer Hot Farm: Ritchie Super Pro: Nesselrodt Light Pro Stock: Ingram
  • Photos from the Event: Videos of the Event.  If you haven't subscribed to the YouTube channel, please consider doing so, it helps keep the cameras on and you get new videos delivered righ…
  • Pardon the dust.  I am integrating the YouTube Channel into class pages.  Re-organizing the Rules to have its own menu item and some links are going to break.  Just let me know when you come across one.
  • I updated the original post as it was just explained to me how one could read into that legal action would affect you the puller.  The legal action would be for the publication and its management.  We will have a two stage watermark for next year.  …
  • You make a great point Billy.  I don't get pay to come out to events.  I rely solely on promoters.  This year there was one promoter.  I got $100 to come out to shoot.
  • Sounds like someones a fanboy of a Chevy.  Maybe they slipped up along the way and put some Ford air in the tires, Ford rear-end, Ford mirrors, something.  I will say this, I ain't never seen that pretty of a blue paint on a Chevy...ever!  Usually o…
    in 6400 truck Comment by Will November 2015
  • Yeah, so that name is least for now.  Will it come back to the tracks sometime soon?  I hope so.
    in 6400 truck Comment by Will November 2015
  • Offer ends 11:59 PM October 29th. 20% off print book and calendar orders up to $75. Use Code: SPENDLESS20 30% off print book and calendar orders of $75 or more. Use Code: SAVEMORE30
  • I reworked them last night based on the rain outs and non points pullers. Should be good to go.
  • I have re-entered the points as posted to the message board.  I clearly didn't read it right as Mark is still number one.  I will investigate further.  I also thought Big John ran in Berryville, but I didn't see him in the results.  There are some…
  • Here you go.  All distances with the exception of the two breaks.
  • Thanks for posting.  I heard 15% of all distances.  Announcing distances once does not work.  Especially when a motor is running at the end of the track.  It should be spoken to once when it comes in and once after they drive off.  That should be a …
  • One of the items that everybody seems to be having difficulty with is the editing of messages/comments.  If you click the gear next to your messages/comment, it should now say "Edit".
  • I added this to Locations as well when the poster was done for the website.  Promoters!  Let us know if event locations change.  Thanks!
  • 10,0000 Super Pro Farm.  Thurman 320.00 and E L 310.08. 
  • 7700 Light Limited Turbo Tractors.  Watch the upcoming date plugs.  Tell me what you think.  I really want to know.
  • 6400 Pro Stock 4x4 Trucks
  • New video format includes current leader, pull detail, Dragon Logo, and tighter graphics. 6200 National 4x4 Trucks
  • Thanks guys.  This board takes work.  But we keep the bad posters out pretty good I guess.  Remember anyone can view.  If you want to post shoot us an e-mail and we can get you hooked up to the message board.
  • I hear you on the weather.  Debating Keystone myself.
  • Friday Night Photos.  Will upload the Winners reel as soon as it is done.
  • Winner Photos
  • Morgan.  You ran a 280.49 to earn you 4th place.
  • I might have some time tonight/tomorrow morning.
  • I just finished upgrading the Forum.  Let me know if you have any issues with it, not in the past 20 minutes though (the update would cause issues during that time span).  This update should increase reliability.
  • Ok, the points system.  It works, but kind of.  If you have a Google account and are logged in, the points show up in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  I will explore other options as well for this feature.  Haymaker tested the site in…