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Southern Showdown Recap

edited September 2016 in Pulls
I want to thank everyone who came and supported the Southern Showdown this year. Saturday nights show was the largest number of vehicles we had ever had and the largest amount of spectators ever recorded at DMP. We truly are blessed to have such a great following of competitors and fans. I want to congratulate all this years champions. Its been a long hard season and each champion has earned it. Thanks again for everyone's support and we look forward to having a great time at the banquet.


  • my suggestion is that you need to have more room parking. i got there late and parked at the saw mill. 
  • I had added approx 4 acres of parking and it still was not enough. We may have to clear some more land.

  • You have a year to address unless you think it will be like this every one of the four pulls you have there.  I have never been on parking detail, so I know I messed it up, but it might be the need for several parking attendants, one for the fans, one for the pullers.  I do know holding spaces was talked about, excess PVs, and campers.  It was just under 200 hooks.  I think considering that, it was a great success.  I do think you are on the right track, semis need to in these spaces, dallies with trailers in X amount of spaces, campers lined up and in X amount of spaces. The only suggestion I would add is to have personal vehicle PVs in the fan parking area closest to the trees.  A team member could walk to pick up their PV and come back through the pits and pick up the remaining crew and run to town or what not.
  • You are taking about Temple you know. He will think of this Thursday before the pull. The ones that know him knows that. Too much info can overload him. 
  • I'll be glad when I have a spectator parking problem at South Boston!!!
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