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All Videos Posted for Berryville and Millers Tavern

New 4K footage from Millers Tavern is on YouTube.  Facebook only allows HD, sorry guys!

Both events are available as entire events as well.  I have 30+ events from beginning to end and everybody seems to enjoy the longer format.

17,000 subscribers on YouTube and adding 1,500 new people a month.  Are you one of them?  Get videos delivered right to your YouTube App or email if you prefer.

New sled cam location is at the top, I hope you like it and it is out of Hot Rod and Temple's way.  We were super lucky at Blackstone as it fell off the sled into the weight box!  Oops!

Sponsors are now on Millers Tavern videos.  If you want to grow your business, give Temple or me a call.  I will make sure your company is well represented on videos.  Now is the time to do more for Dragon, the pullers, and me.  We have a very entertaining package that has serious traction.
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