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Fredericksburg Results

11,000 Hot Farm

1.Ray Norris Packin' Heat           335.55
2.Dustin Reynolds Pullin' Teeth     320.63 
3.Jason Bowers IH 1466              315.83
4.Derrick Brinkley Backwoods Binder 314.11  
5.Thomas Riner Moonlight Harvester  308.70
6.Robert Riley JD 4430              307.08
7.Kenny Sandridge JD 4020           306.07
8.Bill Catlett Barnyard Shaker      288.57
9.Dwight Swope AGCO RT135           316.74-DQ-LoW

6250 Mod Street 4x4

1.Andrew Surface Virginia Redneck 326.04
2.Jamie Wright Lookin For Dirt    324.78
3.Brad Broy Ca$h Only             323.26
4.Craig Southard Jr Buck Wild     323.21
5.Roger Southard Memory Maker     322.00
6.Robert Brown Bubba Rat          319.62
7.Tim Dane Endevour               317.50
8.William Bennett Buckshot        316.79
9.Matthew Fant Big Show           316.43
10.JR Rolfe Neigborhood Menace    295.10

6400 Pro Stock 4x4

1.Kathy Jewel Tenacious      317.85
2.Wesley Keys Black Ice      316.74
3.Dennis Laing Flirtin ...   315.62
4.Gray Perry Big & Nasty     314.26
5.Greg Griffith Get A Grip   313.55
6.Tommy Henley All Mixed Up  312.49
7.Jerry Smith Ole Goat       312.08
8.Mike Conroy Nuthin' Fancy  311.63
9.Gerry Young Haymaker       310.42
10.Tammy Houser Dirty Hooker 309.05
11.Wint Parker Haulin' Grass 306.62
12.Robert Brown Humpin' ...  306.42
13.Bill Good VA Lightning    302.88
14.Bob Simmons Foolish Habit 296.46
15.Drew Houser Heavy Metal   289.48
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