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Dragon Motorsports in General

edited September 2017 in Rules
Lets get one thing strait right now!  There has been too much drama going on this year in a few classes about who is cheating and who is not. I will not continue to listen to it. We have rule committee members for each class that are there to enforce rules when needed..NO ONE  has come to John or myself this season with a problem that we have not thoroughly looked into. Absolutely NO ONE  has approached us or a Rule Committee member with $500 and a legit protest.  So if you are not happy with how things have gone this year, the shoe is on your foot, wear it!  Remember our Motto from when we first started!!!

And just to let everybody in on a little secret that you may not know. I was a competitor myself and I started out as a teenager. I have pulled with every organization that you could probably name. NTPA,  TNT,  ATPA  Lucas Oil, UPOTC,  USHRA, Full Pull Productions, Heart of Maryland. Old Dominion. What I am trying to say is that vehicles that run with Dragon Motorsports are teched just as much as they are with any of these other organizations and you can take that to the bank. Dont believe everything you hear.

The ones that enjoy drama like " The Young and the Restless"  you are pulling with the wrong organization.

Temple Brizendine

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