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Let's Grow Pulling East Coast Edition

We still need guests.  And what is up truck ppes?  The tractor guests have you down 8 to 3.  If you are interested in being called into the show, call/text me at 703-626-4131.  Most calls last about 20-25.  I think recent winners, upcoming promoters, and legends all have a great opportunity to help us grow pulling in the region, country and world.  We have had fans tune in from New Zealand, Germany, and Australia.  The number of watchers was 4K, 5K, 5K, 6K,7K, and 3.  Well, it is growing big time, until I couldn't get anybody on several weeks ago.

I am looking at Tommy Henley, Jerry Smith, Aaron Smothers, Clayton Sours, and Rebecca Brizendine.  The world is starving for good pullers who simply share their story.  I took a call after the show and the person said it was one of the easiest shows to listen to.

Promoters, feel free to let me know you want to be called in as well.  I talk about pulls I am promoting and going to, but if you want a few minutes to pump your pull, there is an eager audience.

Let me know ASAP, so I can get you lined up and get some questions to you!

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