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!!! TONIGHT !!! Lets Grow Pulling East Coast Edition

edited March 2017 in General
We have partnered up with Beer Money Pulling to grow the sport any way we can.  We started doing a live show on Facebook Wednesdays at 8PM/7CT.  We have gotten great feedback and each week is better than the last.  Tonight's show we have the Haymaker, Gerry Young and the Barnstormer Clayton Sweeney.  If you are interested in being on the show, PM/Call/Text 703-626-4131.  It will show up on Facebook via the link below and will be on YouTube shortly after that.  

I have had a call about businesses sponsoring on the show.  The cost of sponsorship for a single episode is $50 bucks.  That will include a plug at the beginning of the episode and rotating banners throughout.  If you or someone you know is interested, let me know.  We have a packet of information with deals as well as demographics to help you know what audience you could be targeting.  We could also use some guest co-hosts.  And we will be shooting some of this on location. 

The partnership with Beer Money also gives me another avenue to promote your pull.  We are offering video teasers for $100 bucks with pullers from each classes either picked by you or me.  PM/Call/Text 703-626-4131.  The one I did for the Virginia Power Pull reached 18K people and was shared over 100 times.  So if you want that service or traditional marketing (flyers, posters, and banners) just let me know.

Lastly, Temple said he thought it would be a good idea to interview drivers at events.  I like the idea of doing that during a pull but only if it works.  It cannot hold the show up.  But if you want to be interviewed after a good run or a winning run, come see me.  I could have something set up to interview you as you pull off the track and talk to you as the packers are going up and down the track.  It is simple, "[Puller Name], good run?" and then you chime in with, "I think the Dodge Dakota King Cab XLT sponsored by X, Y, and Z laid down a fine run.  Lot of good iron back there.  I hope it holds up!"  Done.  At the end of the class, at Millers Tavern John Nicol will interview you.  At other tracks I will try to.  But the idea here is to connect you to your fans.  If you have thoughts or opinions, let me know.  John Nicol just called as I posted.  He had a great idea.  We do like a walk through in the pits.  And then we film giving a speech as if you had won.  Or would record in on a slant.  Like record your winning speech the next pull.  Good, let's here them ideas.

Will Whitt
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