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2017 Altered Farm Class

edited January 2017 in General

We have been doing some homework over the past couple days working on a set of rules for the Altered farm class. We have decided to go with a "Box Turbo Rule" We have a turbo manufacturer who has agreed to supply these turbos to us at a reasonable price and will have them labeled and numbered with a tamper resistant nut on the compressor wheel. The turbo being supplied will be a S-300 Borg Warner with a billet thrust bearing installed and a 2.4 inlet. By buying these turbos in bulk we are able to get them for $600 with shipping. Any tampering with one of these turbos after it has been installed and issued to the competitor will result in a one year suspension from the class. You must run one of these turbos to run in the class. (no exceptions)

To order a turbo you can call me @ 804-443-1903 or 804-514-5432.


Engine Limitations

- 466 ci with 2% allowance

- Turbo must be the S-300 box turbo purchased through Dragon Motorsports

- Intake hose on Turbo must be easily removable for inspection purposes

-Injection pump will be limited to nothing bigger than a  A-pump

- NO Water Injection allowed

- NO Intercoolers allowed

-Exhaust must exit at least 18"above the hood and have two 3/8 bolts the pipe forming a cross to prevent parts from exiting the exhaust.

-Must have a metal shroud around fan

-Must run a steel flywheel. No cast flywheels allowed

- No side shields allowed

Tire and Wheel Limitations

- 20.8 x 38 or a 18.4 x 42 will be the maximum size tire allowed

- NO type of cut tires allowed

- NO aluminum wheels allowed

Chassis and Hitch

-Maximum hitch height will be 20"

-Minimum of 18" from center of rear to hitch point

Required Safety Equipment

-Wheelie bars, must have 5x5 inch pad, no more than 10 inches from the ground (must be 3 inches back from farthest point of rear tire to front of the pad)

-A working air shut off must be installed to connect to the sled

-All Tractors must be equipped with a fire extinguisher

-All tractors will be subject to be teched at any event

General Rules

- 18 mph speed limit with No Grace. ( 18.1 will be disqualified)


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