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final rules

edited December 2014 in Rules
I just want to verify that the Pro Farm Rules and the Hot Farm Rules are going to be as stated in the rules page. I am starting on one for each class and i don't want any new suprises coming up later, it would not make my customers very happy for last minute changes and unplanned expenses.


  • edited December 2014
    Other than the weight is 11,000.    There was a discussion on the turbo to be equal across the board. Everyone to run the same. I am not in favor to ask a puller to run a specific type or brand, BUT, if this will satisfy Every puller and be called an equalizer then it will be done as long it will match the rules we have now. So if you buy a Borg Warner # 179171 and it matches the rules and with NO modifications that will work for us. 

    Pro Farm has no changes to the rules from last year. 
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