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hot farm rules

edited September 2014 in Rules
when can we have a meeting or a discussion on the hot farm rules? I need to be getting my stuff torn down and sent to machine shop to get in line ,it takes a while some times but i need to know in what direction this class is going so i can determine what type enines i will be building for the tractors or if we might just move to another class. I dont want to rush anyone but i want get working on this stuff so they will be ready for the first pull of the year. also i feel the top three tractors should be teched at every pull ! they have not been checked all year long but no need to check them this year but i feel it needs to be a new rule for next year how does everyone feel about this?


  • 12 H F will have a 2015 season rules in print at Millers Tavern pull. 
  • There will not be a meeting. We will take suggestions for the class from anyone who has a tractor in the HOT FARM CLASS. We will have a written set of rules on paper to hand out to all competitors at the Southern Showdown for the 2015 season. Two things that I know will change will be the allowance of a bigger turbo and water injection. We have a few things that need to be ironed out but we are working on it.
  • you keep changing rules every year and you won't have class..this has not been checked all year so no use checking now , right puller seems to always have first or last , something not right there certain tractor out pulls 2nd 20ft , something not right there either..I for one cannot keep pouring money into my tractor every year I did not like the speed limit but it did keep tractors said 466 cu in , well that should be motors out of a tractor not a truck
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    When we set the rules this time it will be locked down for 3 yrs. Thats a promise. 

    Orange Results

    1. Billy Rice................313.17
    2. Jason Housden........308.65
    3. Allen Burner............303.26

    Farmville Results

    1. Billy Rice................304.46
    2. Jason Housden........302.87
    3. Allen Burner............302.43

    Rockfish Results

    1- Billy Rice------------305.38
    2-Jason Housden-------300.34
    3-Allen Burner----------300.15

    The results of the top 3 from the last 3 pulls. The biggest distance I see is 5 ft ???
  • I agree the rules should be enforced little more maybe that's something we can work on for next year is there gonna be a rule meeting that we can attend I think a lot of us has some input we would like talk about I think we have potential for a good class
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    I will listen to anything that anyone wants to call and talk about. I will not waste my time again on a rule meeting. I have talked to almost all the pullers that have asked me what our plans were for next year. Everyone seems to like the direction we are heading.
  • bigger turbo's bigger problem's no need to change the rules unless you are going to enforce them. this class cant stand another split, next year you will be down to 3 tractors
  • 466plus you're right , only one puller complained about turbo's , why change for one puller .. sounds like he should be checked , he has more than he's suppose to..This is my second year for this Turbo and have had no problems and have only heard one puller complain..Stick with what we have
  • Lets just stop beating around the bush. Walk up to Bill Rice at the next event and tell him that you think his tractor is illegal. Our $500 protest fee has been there since day one
  • i dont think anybody is beating around the bush.No need to single out anybody,we are all bending the rules.dont matter what turbo you chose to use as long as there the same supplyed by dragon. its what's inside that you cant control. lets get back to tractor pulling instead of seeing who can spend the most money
  • Enough said. Please no more. 
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