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New new Website

edited January 2014 in General
I began undertaking a new new website for Dragon Motorsports.  There is filler content/images on there for now, but I will continue copying page content over from the old new site.  I will post back when I am done. 



  • I like it
    Lets fill it with a schedule
  • edited January 2014
    Thanks, Brandon.  I will update it just as soon as I get it.  Got to bring all the functionality back with the menus, contact pages, and mobile friendly links, then we should be good to go.
  • ??????????????????????
  • I need a web site 101 class.  Where can I get this?
  • John Please Contact WW_Productions For All Your 101 Class Needs

  • edited January 2014
    John, Temple, call me or I can come down and we can go through this.  Check your Inbox for login info.  I am copying the current pages over now. Then I will setup a schedule with filler and let you go to work unless you forward me the 2014 schedule.  After that, I will get to work on the new points system and archive the 2013 points.  By the way, the menus are now working.  Will check them out on mobile and tablet devices in a few.
  • you got my number. 

  • I made the drop down menus go back to be just 1 column wide. There was some overlap on the sub-menus for the truck classes.  Menus do not work in Google Chrome, I am looking into that.  But the menu looks better now at least on Firefox and Internet Explorer.  I will update the class overview with top three from each class over the next couple of days.  I will also add the contact pages and about pages back as well over the next few days. 

    The website has Points integrated but they only seem functional on Firefox.  That is the same problem with NTPA Points.  I will continue working on get that working on all browsers.  Heck I might even pass the fix over to NTPA when I figure it out.

    I am finishing up the remaining pages and ask for your help in finding any bugs I may have missed. Please send me an email at and let me know what problem you found.

    Temple and John will be updating the website from soon on, so I can focus more on videos and other endeavors.  If you need help with promo posters and what not, let me know.  If you need photos, I have just under 6,000 or so, and I can pull any memorable moment from video as well.  Just let me know.


  • Ok, the points system.  It works, but kind of.  If you have a Google account and are logged in, the points show up in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.  I will explore other options as well for this feature.  Haymaker tested the site in Mac Safari, so everything looks good there.
  • I just finished upgrading the Forum.  Let me know if you have any issues with it, not in the past 20 minutes though (the update would cause issues during that time span).  This update should increase reliability.
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