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Southern Showdown Photos

edited September 2013 in General
How great it was being back at my old home at Dragon Motorsports! Always a great time and I have missed being there. I was lucky enough to attend 2 events this year at Dragon Motorsports Park as well as the Winchester, VA event. I have all my photos posted for viewing/purchasing. Can't wait till 2014 to be back down. Just so everyone knows, I usually film there and unfortunately had to turn away a few because I was shooting photos for Full Pull Magazine! That's right, this event will be covered in the next issue featuring photos and a article. I am honored to feature some of the kindest pullers in the sport today! I will let everyone know when it is due out at your local Tractor Supply store soon. Thanks Temple, John and everyone at DMS for a great weekend! Just click the links below to view the albums by night.

Friday Night Photos 


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