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Dragon Board Meeting

edited December 2019 in General
  Just want to thank the new Board Members for the great meeting we had 2 weeks ago. There was some real good discussion that took place and some real good decisions were made also. I want to thank them for spending their Sunday afternoon with us to get some things strait.

Just want to post some of the major changes that were made in a few classes so people can get their vehicles strait for the 2020 season. All rule pages will be retyped asap but I wanted a few out there.

General Rules

- All pullers in ANY Dragon Motorsports Points class must wear a SFI approved Fire Suit, Helmet, and a leather shoe or fire shoe

-Tracks will be shortened as a whole in the 2020 season

-100 ft will be the restart line instead of 75 like it was previously posted.

- You can only drop to last for a proven mechanical failure.

-$500 Protest is still in effect as in the past. If you want to protest more than 1 item, it will be $500 per item.( 3 items=$1500)

-Protest must come from a member of the class that you compete in.

- Punishment for cheating will be determined by the Board of Directors

- No riders in any class.

Entry Level Classes Purse Increase

6200 Small Block
6200 Outlaw FWD
12,000 Altered Farm
5000 Economy Modified

The above classes have been raised to a $1000 purse and will pay back 8 places

Hot Farm Tractors

Purse increased to $1500- Pay back 8 places

-Weight will be changed to 10,500 lbs

-Turbo Rule will be the exact same as the ECS Hot Farm class

-Roll bars will be mandatory in 2020 and a roll cage will be required by the 2021 season.

Altered Farm

- Water Injection is allowed

-Roll over protection required. R.O.P.S.

Super Pro Farm

- No Puller 2000 or Midas Tires

-Top Cut radial tires will be allowed

-Inlet of turbo has been increased to 3.200 inches. All air must come through 3.200 inlet. Turbos will be checked with a 3.220 plug.

-All tractors must have Roll Cages.

Any questions please give us a call

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