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2019 Cenpeco All Star Events- Contingency Program

edited March 2019 in Pulls


This will be our 4th year of doing the Cenpeco contingency program. Some pullers have done real well with this program and have received some good year end money! Top pullers have been using this oil and we have not heard one complaint.  Everyone will be eligible for the Cenpeco money at the select events if you can meet the requirements listed below. We are offering 7 events this season to pick up the extra Cenpeco money. We will pay $100 extra to the winner and $50 to second place at all Cenpeco All Star Events if you meet the following requirements.

1- Must run Cenpeco sticker on truck or tractor

2- Must be a Dragon Motorsports member

3- Must purchase a minimum of $500 of Cenpeco Racing Oil or other Cenpeco products through Dragon Motorsports by April 21, 2019.

Cenpeco is a great product that is used by a lot of top pullers throughout the country. It is a outstanding product for Farming and Construction equipment also .We have a good supply of all popular Racing Oils, 15 w-40 Diesel Oil, Gear Oil, Greases, and Fuel Additives.  Give us a call for more info or if you are interested in signing up for the program.Buying oil through us also makes you eligible for any of the NTPA events that pay the Cenpeco money.

Temple Brizendine
Dragon Motorsports
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